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for individual homeowners, businesses, and public entities in identifying and managing tree related issues. 


Primary services we provide:

  • Evaluation of trees for health, structure, environment, location. 
  • Development of construction impact mitigation measures for tree protection.
  • Assessment of viability of existing and/or proposed trees while considering current environmental factors and local trends affecting trees.
  • Incorporation of emerging tree industry strategies, such as the use of structural soil.
  • Work with nurseries to inspect and select tree and plant materials to maximize investment and outcome.
  • Provide project arborist reports, tree damage assessments, recommendations, and follow-up monitoring for compliance with applicable local agency development / construction / permit requirements.
  • Assess impacts of pests and diseases, particularly in response to evolving environmental factors.
  • Inspect and assess extent of fire related damage.

The unique issues each project brings, both the benefits and the challenges, are brought into consideration in developing a strategy that supports the vision, needs, and goals of our clients.


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Serving the greater Northern California Bay Area.